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As the business community is well aware, not everyone with professional credentials has the language skills needed for business communications. It is recognized that, with increasing frequency, problems arise when people in business are unable to convey information even face-to-face to their colleagues. In the case of internal, face-to-face, communications, things usually get sorted out somehow, eventually. But when you’re communicating with a customer or a prospect in another business a thousand or ten thousand miles away, letting things “get sorted out somehow, eventually” doesn’t work very well—especially if your competitors are communicating with them too.
      But language skills alone aren’t enough either, if you need truly effective publicity or informational publications, or critical communications of any sort. (The manuscript of a novel or non-fiction work by an established author is likely to have an awful lot of red on it when the publisher’s editorial staff gets through with it. And that’s not because the publisher likes to spend money on editors.) A professional language mechanic—an editor—has to be good with words. But that’s just the start. Professional communications means you’re not just talking to your colleagues, your friends, or to people with similar backgrounds and cultural preferences. An editor is familiar, on a day-to-day basis, with aspects of communications that few people think of, and has learned a body of professional knowledge that includes detailed techniques for making communications as effective as possible with the widest possible variety of readers.

My editorial experience includes work for reference, scholarly, and general trade publishers, as well as ad agencies and corporations. Professional editorial experience means that I can apply my English and foreign-language skills in a professional manner, walking into a project and efficiently producing all sorts of communications for all sorts of audiences.
      I am accustomed to editing and rewriting important communications (such as informational and publicity copy, proposals, reports, and correspondence) to ensure clarity and consistency of thought and language, and a rational (and therefore persuasive and credible) succession of ideas.
      If desired, I can go beyond this to make suggestions about the basic concepts of the piece. And if the piece is to be given a finished typographic presentation, I can of course provide services or input for that.

Corporate, consulting, scholarly, and advertising clients appreciate my ability to make their messages clearer and more effective, and point out potentially serious errors and inconsistencies, while respecting their own special knowledge and avoiding anything that amounts to second-guessing them.

For my capabilities in research, reports, and analysis, see Special Projects.

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