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Research, Reports, and Analysis

I can use my editorial, research, and analytical training to good effect in projects that involve gathering information, organizing it, and presenting it clearly.
       Researched reports can be valuable, for example, in the development of marketing campaigns or in exploring openings for new products, or as a basis for corporate sales research and policy decision-making.
       The Web is a great way to fish for research directions, and a source for much good information. But not everything’s on the Web. (People who have something valuable have a tendency not to give it away for free.) And the quality and completeness of the information found there varies wildly—it takes a knowledgeable and experienced researcher to avoid being taken in. I know how to evaluate what I find there, and how to go far beyond the Web, to find sources for sound and responsible research. I can also go beyond English, and make direct use of sources in German, Italian, and French.
       Going beyond research, I can provide analytical and critical assessments of issues relevant to your business, and of documents and information, particularly in “soft” fields where standardized analytical methods are not applicable, where critical and disinterested analysis by specialists is not available, or where discrimination may be required with regard to unreliable, controversial, or unprofessional sources. In such “soft” fields, my analytical and scholarly training, professional experience with language, and general knowledge enable me to identify, evaluate, and prioritize fundamental factors and their relations to each other, and arrive at practical conclusions.
       Analysis will be based on substantive research, with the objective, not of making myself an expert in someone else’s field, but of providing a basis for the exercise of my analytical skills. Experts in the field may not have developed such skills in a systematic fashion, so that my analysis could be a valuable supplement to expert opinions.
       Such an analysis might, in fact be used to provide experts in your field with a framework for formulating their own recommendations, or to provide management with a framework for planning a research program that includes expert consultants, or for evaluating the results of such a program. My conclusions would probably not be substantive recommendations about final actions—buy this machine, cancel that deal, enter this market, etc. The final word on those should come from people experienced in the field. More likely, I would identify new sources of data, make suggestions about questions that need to be looked into, contingencies that should be provided for, steps that need to be taken before other steps can be begun, ideas for hedging bets, or possibilities for synergies with other efforts.


Building on my experience in editorial work, typography, technical production, and research and analysis—and on my job-hunting experience as a freelancer with over ninety hires to his own credit—I can write and format detailed but to-the-point resumes that grab and hold the attention of HR people, recruiters, and hiring managers, and set you apart from the crowd.

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