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My experience and capabilities in digital production and production design are best described by my client list and my portfolio. To sum up, I’ve done production for many of the biggest and best (and many of the smallest and best) in advertising, marketing, corporate identity, packaging, financial communications, pharmaceuticals, catalogs, foreign languages, publishing, and retail. Experience in quality control and production management, along with a professional background in printing and editorial work, gives me a perspective on production that few others have.

Whether it’s thumbnail sketches and general instructions, or a tight designer’s comp, I can make it work and make it look nice. My editorial experience enables me to work smoothly with content providers, and my technical knowledge helps me produce clean files that are easy for others to work on and ready for pre-press and printing. I’m used to exceeding expectations in a wide variety of environments, with a minimum of breaking in.

My specialty is providing fine typography, sensitive graphic treatment, and smooth production in technically demanding projects, above all in fields with little or no margin for error, such as finance, pharmaceuticals, and technology. This includes complex multi-page documents with master pages and style sheets, special colors, multi-layered Illustrator and Photoshop files, and accurate line renderings. It also includes making all of these things work together aesthetically and technically in one document.

Most of my projects involve both page layout and graphics. But don’t forget me for graphics-only projects. I’ve been called in to render a single logo, and to do Photoshop work on batches of hundreds of images for Web catalogs—clipping paths, cropping and sizing, format conversions, and compositing.

I’m familiar in detail with the issues peculiar to Web art, such as resolution, file formats, color specifications, and color safety. I’m accustomed to the special procedures needed in creating art for typographic heads on Web pages (including tweaking Asian-language type for legibility)—and to doing it in the organized fashion needed for extensive systems of such heads. The knowledge of HTML and basic Web technology that I applied in building and managing this site is also handy for such projects.

For more on my production capabilities, see descriptions of my capabilities in display typography (especially regarding line art in Illustrator), text and informational typography, and foreign-language production.

See the Production section of my portfolio for samples of my production work.

Digital production without computers

Computerized digital production is based on binary and hexadecimal systems. Using a “traditional” decimal digital system—to wit, the ten digits on my own hands—I can do package comping, 3-D structures, and other hand art. For hand typesetting projects, I bring my own comp tools.

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