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Dates are given for continuous engagements longer than one year.
Except where noted as staff, all are freelance engagements.

Twin Cities area, 2003–present

Vavricka Juntti (IN Food Marketing).  Production design: advertising, collateral

Campbell Mithun.  Production design: advertising, collateral

Merrill Brink.  Production design: foreign-language technical documentation

TripleInk.  Production design: foreign-language collateral

Martin/Williams.  Typographic consulting, production design: advertising

International Translation Solutions.  Corporate identity, logo refinement

Level Brand.  Production design: advertising, collateral

JDS Marketing.  Production design: catalogs

Peggy Lauritsen Design Group.  Production design: advertising, collateral

Chance Nelson.  Production design: advertising, collateral

Allina Media Services.  Production design: informational displays, collateral

Augsburg Fortress.  Production design: catalogs

Hendler & Johnston.  Digital production: advertising, collateral

Apothecary Products  (pharmaceutical supplies). Production design:
    specialties, packaging

Thomson West  Digital production: corporate communications

The Concept Group  (ad agency). Production design: advertising

Banta Digital  (printer). Digital production: catalogs

BI Worldwide  (incentives). Production design: advertising, collateral, catalogs

New York, 1984–2003

Macy’s.  Hand art: package comping

Scholastic, Inc.  (publisher). Production design: textbook production

National Football League.  3-D structure design & execution

More magazine.  Hand art: display books

Chavin Lambert  (ad agency). Production design: advertising

Grid Typographic Services  (financial type house). Digital production:
    annual reports, fund reports

Creative Works  (catalog production studio). Digital production: catalog production

Atlantic Monthly  magazine, marketing dept.  Production design: advertising

Corporate Language Services  (foreign-language service). Digital production:

92nd Street Y  (cultural institution). Production design: advertising, catalog

Korey Kay & Partners  (ad agency). Logo art, production design: advertising

Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners  (ad agency). Consultant: font customization

Time magazine, marketing department.  Production design: advertising,
    display, and collateral

Tarsitano Creative  (design studio). Production design: direct mail

Lipman Richmond Green  (ad agency). Production design: advertising

Transimage  (foreign-language production studio). Digital production:
    foreign-language advertising, corporate communications

Miramax.  Production design: advertising

NY Creatives  (design studio). Production design: display & signage

Freidberg Feder DiMasi  (design studio). Production design: advertising

Influence USA  (ad agency). Production design: direct mail, advertising

Nestor & Stermole  (design studio). Production design: advertising, collateral

Cliff Freeman  (ad agency). Production design: advertising

Image Axis  (design studio). Digital production: pharmaceutical packaging

Crain Communications ( Crain’s N.Y. Business )  (business weekly).
    Production design: infographics

American Lawyer magazine.  Production design: magazine production

Global Financial Press  (financial printer). Digital production: financial reports

Admento  (advertising specialties). Production design

Lloyd & Co.  (catalog design studio). Production design: catalogs

Bozell Jacobs Kenyon Eckhardt  (ad agency). Production design: advertising

Harte-Hanks Direct  (ad agency). Production design: direct mail, comping

Hill Holliday  (ad agency). Production design: advertising

KPMG Peat Marwick.  Production design: proposals, infographics

Studio Design  Style consultant: foreign-language typography

Rapp Collins  (ad agency in-house production dept.).
    Production design: advertising

Schechter  (package design studio). Production design: packaging

Doremus Advertising  (ad agency). 4/97–8/98 (plus part-time and on-call
    work for another year or so). Production design: advertising, logo art

Grey Direct  (ad agency). Production design: direct mail

Ogilvy & Mather  (ad agency). 11/94–3/96. Quality control, Production design,
    editing and rewrite: advertising, packaging, infographics.

Lloyd & Germain  (display & ad studio). Staff, 7/93–7/94. Production manager:
    advertising, financial, & display.

Estée Lauder.  Production design, typographic proofreader, editor: advertising,
    packaging, collateral, training manuals

Alliance Design  (NJ) (design studio). Typographic proofreader, copy-editor:
    training manuals

Gerstman & Meyers  (package design & marketing consultant). 3/91–11/92.
    Typographic and editorial proofreader, editing & rewrite, naming: packaging,
    proposals, reports, and other communications.

Wells Rich Greene  (ad agency). Typographic proofreader, editor: advertising

Typographic Workshop  (type house). Typographic proofreader: advertising

Harrison Scott  (type house). Typographic proofreader: advertising

Characters  (type house). Typographic proofreader: advertising

Techni-Process  (display type house). Typographic proofreader: advertising

Line & Tone  (type house). Typographic proofreader: advertising

Tanatype  (printer). Typographic proofreader: advertising

Compmasters  (type house). Typographic proofreader: advertising

Gerard Associates  (foreign-language type house). Typographic proofreader:
    foreign-language typography

Potomac (type house). Typographic proofreader: advertising

Graphic Technologies  (type house). Typographic proofreader: advertising

219 Type  (type house). Typographic proofreader: advertising

The Ace Group  (type house). Typographic proofreader: advertising

Ascenders  (type house). Typographic proofreader: advertising

Type Consortium  (type house). Typographic proofreader: advertising

Pastore DePamphilis Rampone (PDR)  (type house specializing in annual
    reports). Typographic proofreader

CT/Photogenic  (type house). Typographic proofreader: advertising. Staff.

Typographic Directions (TDC)  (type house). Staff, 10/85–10/87.
    Typographic proofreader: advertising, financial

Majestic  (type house). Typographic proofreader: advertising, magazine,
    general typography

Fodor’s Travel Guides  (publisher). Editorial proofreader, copy editor:
    travel guides

Stein & Day  (publisher). Copy editor: trade books

Funk & Wagnalls  (publisher). Editorial proofreader: reference books

Pennsylvania, 1980–1985

Penn State University Thesis Office.  Editing and copy editing,
    graduate theses and papers

Penn State University Press.  Proofreader, copy editor: scholarly
    and reference books

New York, California, Boston, pre-1980

Way back when, starting at a very early age, I did small job typesetting and printing on my own hand press (actually my dad’s), and was office boy at a small Brooklyn newspaper. I held a variety of printing jobs at local and industrial printers, a newspaper, a defense contractor in Silicon Valley, and NASA’s Ames Research Center. I also worked in a used bookstore, and fixed cash register printers for National Semiconductor.

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