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Where many documents or art files will be produced to the same general design, properly set up templates, in InDesign, Quark, Illustrator, or Photoshop, can save a great deal of time and trouble at all stages of production, while also ensuring a higher level of compliance with design and production guidelines, and reducing the chances for many types of error.

To do this, a template must incorporate not only the visible elements of type and graphics, but also an appropriate document structure (including, depending on the software used, a thorough but economical use of master pages, style sheets, layers, and channels), correct and consistent color specs, program defaults adapted to the project, and all the elements needed in the pressroom and the bindery. And, depending on the project and the production environment, there may be many ways in which smaller details can be adjusted to facilitate work and ensure quality. All of this must be done precisely and exhaustively—a fuzzy or incomplete template is not a template. For this, a thorough, technical knowledge of real-world production is needed.

With my technical knowledge of digital production, printing, and bindery, my ability to produce precision files, and my experience in many different types of work in all sorts of production environments, I am able to create templates that are exceptionally valuable production tools.

I can also provide clear, written procedures (in the template file, for printout, or both) for use of the templates by your staff, and organize file management and workflow for the project.

See the Graphics Consulting section of my portfolio for some samples of production templates.

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