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Language, type, and graphics have many and diverse applications (to put it mildly), and not all of these match up neatly with the standard production procedures in a given organization. And even in very common specialties, some projects need special handling or a new perspective. A project may call for one person to exercise simultaneously skills that very few individuals have, and are normally applied separately and at separate times. Or a graphic communications project may demand knowledge that is not part of a normal graphic arts education.

My range of resources includes solid experience in editorial work and rewrite, digital graphic and typographic production, printing and bindery, production supervision, hand art, and quality control, and work in the fields of advertising, financial, foreign languages, packaging, pharmaceuticals, corporate identity, marketing, magazine production, catalogs, infographics, corporate communications, collateral, and publishing. And my resources also include the organized habits and trained analytical ability needed to work in multiple specialties and tie it all together into a perspective on graphic communications that is, shall we say, exceptional.

I invite you to call me about any project that might benefit from this experience.

One type of situation where I’ve found my background
to be particularly useful is . . .

Troubleshooting or “doctoring”

Design, writing, editing, digital production, pre-press—each job, done in in its proper place in the production sequence, contributes to the success of a project. When something changes or goes wrong late in the game, the problem can’t always be solved by a designer, writer, editor, production artist, or pre-press person working in the ways they’re accustomed to. That’s because at this point the solution often requires the simultaneous adjustment of design and copy, in what was supposed to be a press-ready production file. This requires experience possessed by few designers, writers, editors, production artists, or pre-press people.
       With experience in many different industries, and in every phase of graphic communications production, including editing and rewrite for corporations, consultants and ad agencies, I can deliver outstanding performance in troubleshooting situations.

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