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There’s a lot more to information design than design. Informational graphics, informational systems, and content-oriented publications are machines that have to be developed, built, and tuned, each for its own particular task. It’s a largely analytical and technical process, with little room for the common creative luxury of serendipity.

But analysis isn’t enough, either. You may not aspire to get your firm’s next informational piece into an art museum, but it would certainly be nice if it looked better than the usual run. (And why not a lot better, if possible?) A well-executed, practical aesthetic approach that makes the most of the basic resources of type and graphics can make a huge difference in the visual appeal and effectiveness of your communications, without impairing function, busting budgets and schedules, or complicating production.

And as far as production is concerned, informational communications tend to be demanding and technically complicated. Writers and field specialists often don’t appreciate the complications (leading to busted budgets and schedules), and designers and graphics production specialists often aren’t up to dealing with them.

Analytical ability, language skills, familiarity with the informational resources of typography and graphics in a wide range of specialties, and technical knowledge—along with disciplined creativity—enable me to ask the right questions about a project, to develop effective solutions, and then produce them smoothly and to spec.

Where new pieces will be produced in the future as part of the same program, I can provide written editorial, typographic, and graphic style and standards, written production procedures, and production templates, for the use and guidance of those who will be producing them.

Text typography

Attractive, functional, and efficiently producible and updatable designs for books, corporate publications, manuals, brochures, and other content-oriented publications. (My typographic consulting capabilities are also used in these projects—see Style & Standards.)

Informational graphics

Displays, labels, infographics, charts, graphs, diagrams, forms, pictograms, and icons. (See Display Typography & Graphics.)

Informational systems

An informational system is the best approach whenever a body of information has to be conveyed or applied consistently at multiple locations and in multiple formats. Depending on the job(s) the system has to do, it may combine signage and displays, infographics, pictograms, labels, business or production forms, manuals, brochures or other publications.

Development of informational systems will be based on consultation with specialists in your organization who will be using the system or to whose work the system will be applied. Complex projects may call for a separate initial research phase.

See the Graphics Consulting section of my portfolio for some samples of my work in text and informational typography.


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